Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is That True?

Happy Tuesday! I had a glorious 4-day weekend! I love when my CWS Friday falls on a holiday weekend. It makes for some pretty spectacular weekend time! I hope that even if you only got to have a 2-day weekend that you made the most of it! I pray it was relaxing and just what you needed.

Today I discovered this fun little game online... Do you ever remember playing "Two Truths and a Lie"? Well, I do! It's so fun to find out random things about your friends and try to guess which thing they made up. So today I decided to play along with Jena and a few other ladies.

1. I now only sit on an exercise ball at work. I decided that I was tired of getting fat just because I have to sit in front of a computer all day. So I welcomed the exercise ball a few months back; and even without changing much else in my life (diet/exercise) I've noticed my pants already fitting better.

2. When I was younger I hated the way my name was spelled. "Cindy" was too normal and I wanted to have it spelled "Cyndi". I tried for months to get my parents to spell it the way I wanted it but they just kept telling me "We spelled "Cindy" the way we did on purpose, we're not going to change it now." Eventually I conceded and started liking "Cindy".

3. The first winter after we got married I started to develop really bad eczema under my rings. I was fine when it was just my engagement ring. It itched so bad and got to be so raw that I ended up going to the doctor and was prescribed a prescription strength lotion that I still continue to use every day.

I'm curious to see which one of these you guys think is the lie. It was really hard to come up with a lie, I will admit! And there's even sort of a bit of truth to the lie! Leave me a comment and let me know which one you think is the lie! I'll let you guys know in my post tomorrow which one is the lie! BUT... if you leave a comment, I'll reply via email and tell you sooner!

And because I hate posting without a photo, here's a picture of my tulips from my Valentine! I love that he got me tulip bulbs in a vase! I can't wait to replant them so that they keep coming back! It's the gift the keeps on growing. And this color is beautiful!

My tulips from my Valentine are blooming! So loving that he got me tulip bulbs. It's the gift that keeps on growing!



  1. hmmm i'm going to guess #2 is a lie....???

  2. I'm going to guess #1 is the lie (exercise ball). As someone who called herself Kelly for years (my name is Sarah), I can understand wanting to be named something else!


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