Thursday, February 21, 2013

(Semi) Wordless Thursday

Hello friends! I didn't forget about you yesterday, I promise! I left you all hanging though on Tuesday with my Two Truths and a Lie game. Oops... I just was unexpectedly busy yesterday and didn't have a moment to blog! I do hope you'll forgive me.

But since I missed giving you the answer to which one was my lie yesterday, I have to share today! In case you missed my post, before you find out the answer go here and take a guess at which fact you think isn't the truth!


Filler photo so you can't cheat... ;)

Alright, now that we're all caught up.... #2 was the lie!
2. When I was younger I hated the way my name was spelled. "Cindy" was too normal and I wanted to have it spelled "Cyndi". I tried for months to get my parents to spell it the way I wanted it but they just kept telling me "We spelled "Cindy" the way we did on purpose, we're not going to change it now." Eventually I conceded and started liking "Cindy".

I said that there was some truth to it, and there is! I did at one point in time wish my name could be spelled "Cyndi". However, I didn't try to convince my parents to change it. And it didn't even really last that long (the me wanting it spelled different thing), maybe like a month or so. I will say though that when my sister turned 18 she insisted everyone start spelling her name Kaity instead of Katie. I refused for about a year because I thought she was just being silly and rebellious. But it stuck and I think finally everyone spells it Kaity now. It did take a while for people to actually do it though!

So, did you guess correctly? Of the responses I got most of you did guess number 2 was the lie. Maybe I'm not that good at this game...

Now, because I love them, here's a few more pictures of the tulips Collin bought me for Valentine's Day!

In the Moment with Sarah Halstead

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday!



  1. Saw this on Wordless Wednesday (Create with Joy) and notice the name. My blog name is the same... Although my photography one is This and That photography. Beautiful picture of tulips. Also noticed that you have a recipe tab and would like to invite you to our Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party. Hope you will join us and link up to 3 recipes. Newest Follower now.


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