Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Fun!

So I'm a horrible blogger and didn't take ANY pictures this weekend. None. I guess I just get so into what's going on and being involved in everything that I don't want to stop and take pictures. Anyway, I suppose me not taking pictures just goes to show how truly awesome this past weekend was. It was a busy weekend but it was so much fun!!

Friday evening was my mom's big birthday party. After work I rushed around trying to get the finishing touches taken care of and then decorating the clubhouse. Uncle Scott made all the food so we didn't have to worry about that, and I'm so glad, especially since the food was GREAT! The clubhouse turned out beautiful and it looked so nice. Lots of people came and the best part was that mom had a great time! We had a photo booth section set up and lots of pictures were taken and everyone looked so snazzy! Since it was a cocktail party we all dressed in pretty cocktail attire and it was really fun being dressed up, I even got to wear a new dress I'd bought over a year ago and had yet to wear! So mom's party was a huge success!

Saturday evening was my work holiday party. They always have the party at the end of January to make it so more people can come because everyone is so busy around the actual holidays. This party was held at the Officer's Club on base and it's the same place Collin and I had our wedding reception. It was fun to be back there in a different type of setting. The party was a blast and we had so much fun with my coworkers at the table. We laughed the entire evening just about! And of course the dancing was so much fun! We danced our booties off and had a blast! I love dancing and I wish I had more opportunities to do so! The party was a Mardi Gras theme so there were beads and coins and feathers everywhere. The decor looked really nice and we had a fun time trying to play "quarters" with the little plastic coins and empty coffee cups on the tables. They gave away door prizes throughout the evening and I actually won! They had a GREAT selection of prizes and I really wanted the iPad but alas someone else won it. =( Anyway, I won a $25 gift certificate to a gourmet sandwich shop and a bottle of wine. However, we don't drink wine. At the end of the evening one of my coworkers had won a Nerf gun and neither Collin or I thought she would want/use it. I jokingly told Collin to go see if she would trade with us and to my surprise he actually did! But to my even greater surprise she wanted to trade with us! So I ended up with a Nerf N-Strike Clear Raider CS-35 Clear Series gun. =)
I played with it a little bit on Sunday morning and was shooting Stank with it. He wasn't amused at all. He cowered behind the kitchen table. =P

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a GREAT day! Collin actually cuddled with me in bed for a good while before the alarm went off. And then once we got up, we got ready for church and he bought me a Boston White-Cream donut for breakfast! I hadn't had one of those in a long time. Church was really great and afterwards I got a free burger from Ruby Tuesday because it was my birthday! Then mom took me shopping at Old Navy for my birthday and they were having a great sale so I got lots of new clothes to wear! I'm really quite excited about it and am actually wearing a new tank and sweater today. After shopping we met some friends at the bowling alley and we spent the afternoon bowling. And mom made me funfetti cupcakes! I love the funfetti cakes! And I have some leftovers to eat, too! After bowling and present opening we went to Olive Garden for dinner and I tried a new dish, Asiago Ravioli with Chicken. It was DELICIOUS. And I had soup, salad, and breadsticks with it, too. I made only a small dent in my actual meal. I love leftovers though! And the best part was, the waiter knew it was my birthday so he was treating our table so well. I told him that I wanted to take some of my soup home and he brought out a brand new bowl in a to-go container for me! And then when we were boxing up our entree leftovers he brought us out a to-go bag stuffed with fresh breadsticks! This guy was awesome! And then he brought me a yummy, yummy Black Tie Mousse Cake and they sang happy birthday to me. And when he brought out the Andie's mints, my dad jokingly said "that's it? we just get one each?" and then our waiter brought a huge handfull of them and gave them all to my dad! Definitely great service!! After we were so stuffed from dinner we all went home and Collin and I watched two episodes of Desperate Housewives from season 3 before bed. I had a great, great birthday and weekend!!

I hope each of you lovelies had as great a weekend as I did! What did you do? Did you do anything exciting and fun? Or was your weekend low-key and relaxing (which are usually my favorites!)



  1. Hi Cindy - Thanks for the great comment :0) Exciting about your upcoming weekend!! I love that. I am following your blog now too. Come back and visit often... be blessed!!

  2. I bought my step~son that same Nerf gun for Christmas. We have Nerf parties in my home. Not by choice :)


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