Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Feat Not Taken Lightly

I never watched The Office. I maybe caught bits and pieces of episodes here and there on TV but I never watched it myself. I thought the parts that I saw when it happened to be on the TV were dumb. I didn't think it was funny at all. I had no desire to watch it. A while back Collin got all the seasons available on DVD. He's watched through them all (excluding the current season). He quotes from the show all the time and loves it. Shortly before we left for our vacation I decided I'd give the show a shot. I really had no reason to not like it, I just judged it before I really gave it a chance. Anyway, we started from the beginning and I LOVE it. It is hilarious and I am thoroughly enjoying each episode. Before our trip we watched Season 1 (it only has 6 episodes) and then we watched a bit of Season 2. Then we took Season 2 on our trip with us to watch in the van and we finished it. Since coming home we've finished Season 3 and have already watched 2 episodes of Season 4. I am just barreling through this show! I LOVE it.

Anyway, my brother-in-law posted on facebook that he finished Seasons 1-6 in 42 days and since I'd already watched 38 episodes in just 10 days at that point, I'm determined to beat his time! Since making my declaration I have watched 53 episodes in 16 days! I think I'm doing pretty well to beat his time. *Just for clarification, in my count I am not including the days we were actually in Florida, I did not have access to watch them.* I have 66 episodes left! That seems like a lot but with them being short we usually watch 2 or 3 a night. And one more detail, I only watch them with Collin. So it kinda limits the time that I can watch them.

So this might seem silly to you, and it is a bit silly but it's fun. And I love the show. I was going to watch it and finish it pretty quickly anyway, this is just a little something fun to throw in there. =)

Do you watch and/or have you watched The Office? What do you think of it? Also, please don't give away any spoilers! I like to be surprised with my shows. Thanks!


EDIT: As of June 9, 2011 I finished all 119 episodes (seasons 1-6) of The Office. I watched them all in 41 days. One day less than my brother-in-law did it in! I must say that it is a hilariously amazing show. I love it and can't wait to get to watch season 7!


  1. Not really a The Office fan, but lots of people are!! Good luck! =)

  2. I have never watched the Office....and I don't really know why!? I think I would like it!!!


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