Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to Reality

Whelp, I'm back to the real world. We got back on Friday afternoon around 5:30 and I already miss vacation. It's been nice being home but I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! At least I had the weekend to recuperate.

I'll post some more posts later about the trip including pictures. For some reason my camera and computer weren't cooperating. I have less than half the pictures on my computer as of now. I took over 500 pictures and Collin's dad took more than me! We have lots of pictures to share!

It was a great trip though. We spent a lot of time at the parks and we enjoyed getting to experience the different parks and enjoy all the rides and shows and what not. It was HOT. Hotter than I was expecting, but it is Florida. It definitely hit at least 90 every day we were at Disney and it was humid. Not so fun, but I had to suck it up even though it got to be pretty miserable at times. I definitely want to go back to Disney sometime when it's not quite as hot. Like say in December. =)

Anyway, I'll end this post with a cell phone picture I took just to hold you over until I get my camera pictures on here!



  1. Yay! I can't wait to hear/see all about your Disney trip. =)

  2. I'm so happy you had a GREAT TIME! You look so pretty and happy in that picture...I would be smiley too, if I was at DW!

    I can NOT WAIT to see more photos!! & Mickey Mouse. ;)


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