Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The key to happiness is excitement for the future.

I have no idea who first said those words. I looked all over the internet (i.e. I did a google search for the phrase and looked at the first few pages that came up...) and I couldn't find a source. If you do know who said it, let me know.

Anyway... that phrase is so true. When I am really looking forward to something that's coming up I am filled with immense happiness. Right now I'm really, really excited for this weekend. One of my closest friends from college is getting married on Saturday! I have the privilege of being one of her bridesmaids and I'm just so excited! I get to travel to PA with my Collin on Friday for a mini vacay, participate in all the pre-wedding festivities and then on Saturday celebrate the wonderful marriage celebration of Alicia and David whom I love dearly! It shall be a fantastic day filled with lots of love and fun! And something that makes it even better, my best friend is the photographer for the wedding so I get to see her again! I haven't seen her since January! Lots and lots of exciting things happening this weekend!!

And then we get back from PA on Sunday afternoon and our church's Vacation Bible School begins and I'm a leader for it! And next Friday the orchestra at the River Concert Series is playing Mahler's 1st Symphony (Titan). Oh my gosh!! I am sooooo super excited about that. It's probably my favorite. Have a listen of the 1st Movement (it's at the bottom). And then the week after Bible school ends we leave for our mission trip! So many exciting things happening!!

What exciting things do you have for the future that is bringing you happiness now?


**Photo found via Pinterest**

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