Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love Conquers All - Justin and Molly

On Saturday our friends Justin and Molly got married at a beautiful church in College Park and had their reception at a nice country club in Silver Spring. The ceremony was very beautiful with the most precious expressions of love between the bride and groom. As Collin put it, for the first few minutes of the ceremony after Molly was by his side Justin stood there with this look of surprise on his face. A good surprised face though. One that said "Wow. This woman is breathtakingly beautiful and I am marrying her!" It was so sweet. Once they were proclaimed husband and wife Collin and I quickly headed over to the reception site to set up the DJ equipment for the party. While he was making final adjustments to everything is actually when I took the majority of my pictures. Anyway, the reception was a lot of fun and Collin did a great job as the DJ! And I'm not just saying that because he's my husband. He truly has a gift and I hope he's able to use it more often! I didn't get any pictures of it but the dancing was fun. They provided glow sticks (like we did!) and everyone seemed to be having a blast. I also didn't get any pictures of myself from that day. I loved my dress though so I'm disappointed I didn't have someone take a picture of Collin and me. Oh well, I'll definitely be wearing the dress again!

It was an honor to celebrate with Justin and Molly and witness the beautiful event of them becoming husband and wife. We wish you many, many years of love and happiness filled with blessings from God!

Waiting for Molly to come through the doors.
Here comes the bride!
Husband and Wife!
Pretty cake!
He was such a good DJ!
We sat at table 11.  It was the perfect spot.
I love that the flowers were held into the vases with apples.  It was so clever!
First dance - "Beyond the Sea" by Michael Buble

I hope you all had great weekends, too! I've slightly recovered from mine sleep-wise. I am definitely not as tired today as I was yesterday!


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  1. Such a pretty wedding - I love the lime green lanterns!


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