Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beauty in Nature

Yesterday was so beautiful outside! I was fortunate that I was able to spend a little bit of time outside during daylight hours, too. We were waiting for a truck to come to pick up some stuff we needed delivered here at work and while my coworkers were out smoking I would go outside with them and enjoy the beautiful day away from the cigarette smoke. And then I began snapping some pictures because it was just too perfect an opportunity not to!

 then, she {snapped}

Isn't nature just so beautiful?? I love it! And I love being able to capture its beauty through photography. It makes me immensely happy!

This past weekend was fun! Saturday I went to a Stampin' Up workshop and made some pretty awesome cards! My favorite was the yellow and black flower one. I can't get over how much I love yellow now. It used to be my favorite color when I was little and I've always liked it but it's like my love for it has come back with a vengence. haha! Saturday evening Collin and I had a little date night and went to Red Robin for dinner! Sooo yummy! I had a mushroom swiss burger and it was extremely delicious! Sunday we had church and ran some errands and I love running my errands with Collin. He makes it so much more fun. I love running errands to begin with but doing it with my husband makes me love it to the point where I feel like bursting! So yeah.. it was a good weekend!

I hope you lovelies had a great weekend, too! Did you get to do anything fun and exciting? What was the weather like for you? We had a HUGE thunderstorm (hail included) on Friday but the rest of the weekend was sunny and fairly mild temperatures!



  1. Hello Cindy and thanks for visiting my blog! Brilliant shots from the outdoors! It sounds like you had a great weekend too.

  2. I really like the last photo that you posted. I love taking walks outside and seeing everything through the lenses of my camera. Thanks for visiting our blog...Rachelle & Carmen

  3. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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