Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Living for the Weekend

I told you guys last week that Collin and I were having a little mini in-town getaway this past weekend. It was great!! Friday afternoon when Collin got off work we packed an overnight bag and drove up the road to the La Quinta Inn and checked in for the evening. We ordered pizza, mozarella sticks, and buffalo wings from the local pizza place next door to the hotel and just relaxed all evening long.
Our cozy getaway spot for the night.
The hotel was really nice and cozy!
Even though we're staying in all night I still wanted to look cute for my husband on our romantic getaway!
Even though we were staying in all night I still wanted to look cute for my husband!
Playing Phase 10. Too bad Collin went out and all I needed was an 8. =/
We played Phase 10 for a bit and Collin ended up winning. Such a fun game!
 then, she {snapped}

We watched a little bit of 30 Rock on Collin's computer, ate our dinner, played Phase 10, and just relaxed. It was so nice! And something really funny... it was getting kinda late, probably around 10 or so and the people that were in the adjoining room had just gotten to their room for the first time that evening. We could hear everything! But the funniest part was that during some nice relaxing snuggling one of the men starts sneezing. And not just quiet sneezes but LOUD and crazy sneezes. We began laughing and then calmed down until he let out this huge sneeze that sounded like he was starting a lawn mower or something and we lost it! We could NOT stop laughing. It was so, so funny!!

Saturday was great, too! I'm really sad I didn't take any pictures of anything but I was thoroughly enjoying myself! We actually woke up fairly early, around 7 and went to the hotel's complimentary breakfast. Then we just hung out in the hotel room until check out at noon. We then went to downtown Leonardtown (we've been many times before but it's just a neat place) and we decided to check out some places we've never ventured into before. We started out by getting some yummy milkshakes from the Comic Book store and then we went into all these neat shops. I ended up buying a new book and Collin got Rocketman on DVD at the used book store. We also got to try a new (to us) kind of wine at the cooking store. We walked in just curious about the cooking classes they offer and we ended up staying in there chatting with the lady at the counter for about a half hour! She was so informative. And the wine we tried was Cocoa Di Vine Chocolate Espresso Wine. Collin and I don't like wine. And honestly we don't drink that much at all. But that sounded interesting so we got to taste it and it was really good! It tasted like a mudslide! We'll definitely buy a bottle for ourselves at some point. And it was reasonably priced, too! Only $13 for a bottle. It was very thick and not necessarily something I would drink straight but it would be perfect for making mudslides or for drizzling over ice cream or the like. Have you ever tried chocolate wine? If so, what do you think? Anyway... it was a really great day roaming around downtown and experiencing new places and things!

This weekend I also got a belated birthday present! I got a new purple fleece jacket and scarf from my friend Denise. I love it!

Belated birthday gift I got today! I love my new fleece jacket and scarf! It matches today's outfit, too!
My sweet, sweet boys.
And I couldn't not post this picture of my sweet, sweet boys. =)

Oh and guess what! It snowed this weekend! It wasn't very much. Maybe an inch to and inch and a half and it mostly snowed over night and melted early on yesterday, but it was nice! Very beautiful! I hope you had a great weekend! Did you get to do anything fun and exciting?


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  1. oh how fun!! what a nice getaway. LOVE the pic of our phase 10 game :) My hubs and I used to play Skip Bo a lot before we had kids


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