Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some Fun for Love Day

Since Valentine's Day is approaching quickly, I thought I would give you all some potential fun (and inexpensive) gift ideas for the love in your life. I actually did both of these at Christmas for Collin but they will work just as well for Valentine's Day.

This first one is fun and definitely something to do if you want to have a casual/light hearted evening.
One evening before Collin got home from work I set the scene for this awesome battle...

This one was really easy to put together. I just bought a two pack of Nerf guns at Wal-Mart (about $15) and then wrote on a notepad I had at home to set up the scene. When I heard Collin come home I quickly found a hiding place and waited for him to come down the stairs. Then when he was in range I started shooting my Nerf darts at him and he reciprocated. Oh my gosh it was so much fun! I think Collin definitely won. He hit me square on the forehead with one dart! And I did hit him, just not as much as he hit me. =) Collin loved this though!

This next one is a bit more lovey and possibly more suited for a sweet/romantic Valentine's evening.

This one was a little more involved in the thinking department but was by far much cheaper. I bought a new deck of cards which cost me $1. Then I had to come up with things to write on the cards and it was a lot of fun to think of a bunch of different things I love about Collin and to be able to come up with things that fit what the card was. And I was especially careful not to cover up the markings on the card because I wanted us to be able to use the cards. Collin also enjoyed this gift and I think it made him feel very special to see all those reasons why I love him.

Since these were both Christmas gifts I don't know what I'm getting Collin for Valentine's Day yet. I need to get on that! Any suggestions?



  1. This might sound absolutely crazy, but you could get an order of hot massage rocks off amazon ($16).

    All you'd have to do is put them in a crockpot full of water (or a pot on the stove) and get the water nice and hot but not to where it burns to the touch. (You should be able to pick the rocks up out of water or ladle them out with a spoon). Then you could lay him down (not telling him what your doing - even blindfold him) and could kiss his back and place a rock where you kissed him. The rocks are nice and warm and will relax his muscles, and I'm sure he would love to have you pamper him a little :)

  2. You guys are too cute. I love the nerf gun thing (so something Justin and I would do). Here's one for you... One time I surprised Justin be building a gigantic fort in our living room when he came home from work. We watched movies in it all night. Super random but super fun! Have a great weekend!


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