Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY: Heart Garland

You guys probably don't remember this post where I talked about making a garland of hearts made out of paint samples. I attempted to get the supplies to make it the day I posted it but couldn't find everything I needed, so later that week I created it but I NEVER posted about it. Earlier this week my dear friend Kaitlin sent me a text message with a picture of her own heart garland she had made and told me I was her inspiration and that I need to post about my finished project. And I figure why not post about it now since it's the perfect Valentine's decoration!

To make them: You can use whatever color paint samples you want. For this one I used a wide variety of colors since it was going in our bedroom and I wanted some pizazz. But I am currently in the process of making another with various shades of purple/pink for a Valentine's themed one. Also, any heart punch will work. You can make it thin and long or fat and kinda short like I did. You just need the hearts to be large enough to thread string through. Basically once you punch out all the hearts, you thread your string into a needle and begin "sewing" the thread through each of your hearts. It's really quite simple and makes for a pretty wall decor item!

100_4707 100_4715 Ignore the extra holes in the wall. Collin's parents had some stuff up there and they didn't patch up the walls when we moved in. =/
So yeah... there you have a very simple and fun DIY Valentine's decoration project! Or any kind of DIY decoration, since I made it just for an everyday decoration. =) What do you guys think? Fun?


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