Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back Rubs

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There's something so amazingly comforting to me about having my back rubbed. I love when Collin gently rubs my back just as a sign that he loves me. It does make me feel incredibly loved. I don't know what it is about that particular action that just warms me and comforts me. Perhaps it stems from my childhood from when I would lay on the couch with my mom. Mom would be watching tv and I'd lay down with my head in her lap and she'd just rub my back. I felt so safe and secure laying there with Mom rubbing my back. Or maybe it's just because it feels so nice to have your back rubbed. But let me tell you, this morning when the alarm went off, Collin reached over and started rubbing my back and I lay there feeling like the most precious girl in the world to have a husband who would be so sweet first thing in the morning. Until he started rubbing in rhythm to the music. I have no idea what it was about him rubbing my back rhythmically but it drove me CRAZY. I guess because it became not so much an act of love but more an act of his creative expression? I don't know, but it certainly got me out of bed. Not quite in the great mood I was in, but it woke me up. At least he was being sweet, right? That's how I'm looking at it now. I may have gotten upset about it then but he was being sweet and just trying to wake me up. Golly I'm blessed to have such a thoughtful husband!


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