Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking Forward When Looking Back

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Last night we went over to Collin's parent's house to go through some of his old stuff that was in their storage room. His parents are cleaning out the room and wanted to know what Collin wanted to keep and what he wanted to get rid of. I love doing things like that because it gives me a glimpse of Collin as a kid. That's the one thing that makes me sad. Being so close to him and not having known him his whole life. It just doesn't seem right. So each time I have the opportunity to learn more about his childhood I love it.

Growing up Collin was a Boy Scout. Last night we stumbled upon an envelope of some of his badges and a letter sent from his North Carolina troop showing all the badges he had earned to give to his new troop in Maryland. I knew he had gotten a lot of badges and was pretty close to being an Eagle Scout but I had no idea what exactly that meant and how much he had earned to get to that point! In that moment I was so proud of my husband for his accomplishments and the dedication he had given to being a Boy Scout.

Another thing we were looking at was his giant Lego table his dad built and his collection of Legos. My sister and I played with Legos a lot ourselves when we were younger but we didn't have near the amount as Collin does. That's definitely something we're keeping and I told Collin "This will be so much fun for our kids to play with, and for us to play with, too!"

All this remincising about Collin's childhood and watching him with Josiah over the weekend made me think about how wonderful of a father he will be. And how if our kids are anything like him we'll have some pretty wonderful children. Granted I'm not ready for children anytime soon, but it is nice to know that I have a husband who is going to make a great father some day! I do hope though that our kids will be as sweet and caring as him but will also have his silliness and dedication. I hope that if we have a son he'll want to join Boy Scouts and strive to be like his daddy in achieving badges. And I hope he'll love to play with Legos; we do have a great collection after all. I'm really excited about having kids and raising a family with Collin!


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