Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

Collin and I rang in the new year separate. As is evidenced in the picture above, Collin was in his best friend's wedding on New Year's Day and so of course the bachelor party was the night before. I was sad not to be with my husband on our first New Year's Eve together as a married couple, but I was glad I got to spend some time with his parents and brothers.

The wedding was beautiful! It was awesome to watch Chris and Bev (finally) get married! They'd been together for almost 8 years! I'm so excited for them to experience and celebrate all that marriage has to offer. It's been fun being one of the first of our friends to get married because we appreciate weddings more now knowing what it's like and what the couple has to come before them! The ceremony was very short, but it was beautiful. The pastor said some very touching things that made me fall even more in love with Collin just hearing them and being reminded of what marriage is all about.

For the reception since Collin was at the head table I sat with Collin's parents and some people from Chris and Bev's church. The tables were set up so nicely. They had a delicious fruit bowl at each seat and the centerpieces were very contemporary and fun.
The room where everything took place was absolutely elegant and had the most gorgeous chandelier. And behind the head table was a mirror almost as long as the wall. It was a really neat set up with the tables surrounding the dance floor.
Beverly is a pastry chef by trade and so she makes wedding cakes all the time. She actually made her own wedding cake! The cake they had displayed was not actually edible, she made it just for show and baked 3 sheet cakes to be served that were delicious!! But the cake she decorated was incredible! Bev is VERY talented. She actually made our wedding cake which was awesome as well!
I unfortunately don't have any photos of Chris and Bev. For some reason my camera wouldn't take good pictures in the banquet room unless I was really close to the subject so none of my pictures of them turned out well. I'm disappointed but let me tell you, Bev was a beautiful bride! And she had the most incredible shoes. Their colors were black and red and her shoes were black and red lace. They were amazingly delicious!

I'm so excited for Chris and Bev and I can't wait for them to get back from their honeymoon cruise to hear all about it! It was truly a great way to ring in 2011!

How did you ring in 2011? Did you do anything exciting and fun or were you more of a homebody just watching the ball drop from the comfort of your couch? I'll be posting a bit of a recap from 2010 tomorrow, it was a good year!!


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