Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Could Be Sweeter Than Chocolate World?!

Sorry for the delay in the post for today. I don't usually post on weekends or holidays (and yesterday was technically both, thus no post yesterday) and when I got back to work today I was SWAMPED thus the lateness of today's post.

This weekend after our Tastefully Simple party (which was a blast and a huge success!) and after Collin got off work on Saturday we drove up to Pennsylvania to visit with my best friend, Tiff, her husband, Andrew and their adorable son, Josiah! We got there pretty late on Saturday night (about 10ish) but we ended up staying up until after midnight talking and catching up. Sunday morning when Tiff came downstairs to leave for church I had already gotten dressed and we looked at each other and realized we matched. We both had on green cowl neck sweaters and dark wash jeans! Of course we didn't plan it and she had no idea what I had packed. It made us laugh for a few minutes! We went to church with them and it was a different church experience but really good. I loved the pastor's sermon and the worship band was quite good! It's always such a neat experience to attend a church different than your own every once in a while. After church we headed back to their house and Josiah went down for his nap during which we ate pizza and played Monopoly. It was a fun game in which I was unfortunately the first to be bankrupt, by Collin none-the-less. Andrew was purposefully doing things though to help Tiff out since he knew he was going to be bankrupt sometime soon and he wanted her to be a worthy adversary for Collin. She ended up going bankrupt too, but not without putting on a good fight! I like it when Monopoly is fun and not too competitive or annoying. We all just had a blast with it instead of being bored or annoyed with losing. Once Josiah woke from his nap we hurried out to Hershey to go to the Chocolate Factory. We wanted to do the fun factory tour ride and get some ice cream! We had done this the last time we were in town visiting them so I suppose it's kinda like a new tradition with us. It was so much fun and it smelled wonderful! I love all the chocolate and the way they display everything in the shops around the building. But there's not much involving chocolate I don't like. =) The rest of the weekend we spent at their house just talking, playing games, playing with Josiah and watching a little Firefly. I'm so glad we were able to spend some time with them and especially to see Josiah. Kids grow up way too fast and it makes me sad that we don't live closer so I can be around him for his milestones. At least there's online to give me glimpses into his growing up.

Anyway, enough chat. I took a bunch of pictures and I'm going to share some with you all!
Tiff, Andrew and Josiah on the factory tour ride.
Collin and I on the factory tour ride.
That's a lot of chocolate!
My favorite!
Delicious milkshakes!
That's a lot of Reese's! Two 1/2 pound cups!
Josiah in all his cuteness
Playing ball with Collin
I love this picture so much.
The best picture of all three of us I could get.
A fun attempt at another picture.

Definitely an awesome weekend! What did you get to do? Anything as awesome and fun as us? Did any of you get snow/ice? We got some ice last night that turned into rain... Probably better that way so I wouldn't have to worry about the roads being bad for work this morning. Here's hoping winter won't last too long!


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