Friday, August 12, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's Friday! Hurray! I missed not doing Fill in the Blank Friday last week. Though I suppose I didn't too much since I was enjoying my time in Appalachia. =) But it is good to be back and doing it this week! If you'd like to play along or see other's blanks visit Fill in the Blank Friday with Lauren at the little things we do...! Also, today is Lauren's birthday so go by and wish her a happy birthday and since it is her birthday it's a birthday themed blank day.

1. My most favorite birthday was probably my 21st. Nothing crazy happened but it was a good day. I got to sub as a music teacher that day, I got my license changed, and I had a sorta surprise party at one of our local Mexican restaurants with a bunch of family and friends!

2. My worst birthday was my 19th. I had been home for Christmas break and J-Term and I had to go back to school on my birthday. It was so depressing, especially since I didn't have many friends in college yet.

3. My favorite birthday memory is when I turned 22 and it was just before Collin and I started officially dating. He called me up during a break between classes and sang happy birthday to me and he wished me a great day even though we weren't going to see each other!

4. The best birthday present I've ever received was probably my diamond stud earrings from my parents one year. I still wear them every day.

5. The best birthday present I've ever given was taking Collin on a trip to Disney? Or pre-ordering him his Metal Gear Solid PeaceWalker PSP. I really don't know or remember. I love to give gifts though so it's fun for me to think of stuff!

6. Birthdays are so much fun! Whether it's your own or someone else's! It is so much fun to celebrate others and the fact that they are a part of my life!

7. My favorite age so far has been either 21 or 24. 21 not because I could finally drink (I rarely did (or do) drink) but because SO MUCH awesome stuff happened that year. 24 because it was the year we got married and for the first 3 months of being 24 I was having so much fun planning my wedding and then for the last 9 months I was a newleywed enjoying life with my new husband!

Happy Birthday Lauren! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with those you love and your favorite things!

Today I'm also participating in the Live Every Moment photo challenge and the theme is aqua.


I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I will be doing housework and going to a minor league ball game tomorrow night! Should be fun!



  1. Love your aqua photo! I'd love to be wherever you took your aqua photo! :)

  2. What a lovely place to sit and contemplate life! Just gorgeous colour!
    Thanks for visiting me @ Chasing Rainbows and your lovely comment.

  3. I love how you framed the ocean photo with the chairs. Great work!

  4. AHh, beaches. Beautiful, beautiful beaches.

  5. Aww! I love reading about your birthdays...birthdays are the BEST! :)

    I would have such a hard time with this questionnare...picking out my favorite/worst, etc.


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