Monday, August 29, 2011

Surviving Irene

Picture of Irene radar found at Weather Nerd
We made it through Irene safe and sound! It was a pretty intense storm at parts but we were cozy and comfy inside our house. Collin and I even baked cookies! We had very minimal damage. We definitely fared better than most and we are so blessed. The roof lost a few shingles causing some minor water damage in one of the spare bedrooms and the Crape Myrtle out front is leaning a little from where the wind was beating it all day, but it held up. And that's all the damage we had. Praise God! And the amazing thing, we only lost power for less than 2 hours on Saturday night. And we had a generator to power the essentials in the house. And while the power was out we spent about half the time trying to figure out why the power wasn't working and the other half playing a really fun game called Words of Wizdom. It wasn't until we finished the game we realized power was back on. With using the generator we had to turn off the breakers to the house so we only knew power was back on because the neighbor's without generators had lights on. But we are so fortunate we have power. In Southern Maryland there are currently 43,097 people without power (including my parents) and 23,000 in my county without power. And at one point during the peak of the storm over 100,000 people were without power. It could be days though before some of the places get power again.

Anyway, yesterday was GORGEOUS. Simply beautiful. And today is shaping up to be the same. The temperature is perfect, there's a nice little breeze and the sun is shining! It's incredible to think that only two days ago there was so much rain and wind whipping all around. It just goes to show you the true power and majesty of God. Incredible!

I hope that if you were in the path of Irene that you made it through safe and sound yourself. I pray that there was minimal damage and your power is restored! I will definitely continue praying for those who didn't fair as well as we did. And I hope you will keep them in your prayers too. The Northeast got hit yesterday and though Irene wasn't as strong, she left some pretty bad flooding in her wake. They are not in the clear yet! Let's keep those who will be assessing damage and rebuilding and fixing things in the next several weeks whereever they may be in our prayers!



  1. I'm so glad you guys are ok! And I HATE when his guy friends come over and leave the seat up. It makes me grateful for him, but cranky towards all his friends. haha

  2. So glad you made it through the storm and praying for everyone who has been without power! ick. =(


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