Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

I wanted to share with you a picture from our ASP trip as a little teaser but I couldn't decide which one to post so you get three today. I absolutely loved how beautiful it was up in the mountains of Appalachia. I am so excited to show you some of the beauty. If only pictures could really display the complete magnificence.
The fog in the early mornings was breath taking!
A stream that ran near our family's house.
Appalachia Mountains on the way home.
Wordless Wednesday



  1. Lovely photos! I know what you mean about the fog and how beautiful it is. So very cool. :D

  2. SO PRETTY! Love the foggy mountain makes me think of when I was little. We had a mountain behind our house, and in the mornings it was always foggy. My dad always told me that the rabbits were making soup. HA.

    p.s. I could totally see why claymation creeps you out! But, no Rudolph on Christmas? That makes me sad. :(



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