Friday, August 5, 2011

Wedding Week - "Day After" Shoot

I call it our "Day After" shoot because it was more like a 6 months after shoot! Our wedding day was wonderful as I talked about in my other posts but unfortunately we didn't have enough time for many romantic shots of Collin and me. The ones you saw in my Ceremony and Formals post were pretty much the only ones we got. I mean, there were a few extras but they were all generally the same poses and what not. And I really wanted some pictures taken outside. So, our awesome second shooter photographer at our wedding Chrissy Wolfrum took a bunch of photos for us at Greenwell State Park so we could have some nice romantic shots! The great thing about when we did it, it was the week after my sister's wedding and Collin hadn't returned his tux from their wedding yet!
Our pastor who married us always incorporates props into his sermons and so therefore he uses props during his marriage ceremonies.  He finds a prop and somehow ties it into both God and marriage.  Our prop was a set of walkie talkies.  The best thing, the couple gets to keep the props so we used them during our photo shoot.  In these photos we are actually talking to each other.  Which is apparent on my face at least. ; )
When I found out it was going to be rainy on our wedding day I had really wanted to take a picture of me in my pink golashes while wearing my wedding dress.  I figured this was a good opportunity since the beach would be kinda gross for heels...
This is the same horse that I encountered at my bachelorette shindig!!

It was a fun afternoon taking pictures and I was very pleased with how they turned out! I could totally be a model. =P It was great to be able to have some pictures of Collin and me taken without the hectic schedule of a wedding day and I love the love that's evident in the pictures!


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  1. You guys with walkie talkies are way too cute! I love these pictures. =)


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