Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Week - The Reception

Our reception was so much fun! We had it at the Officer's Club on the Navy base where we live and it was BEAUTIFUL. They had just finished renovations and opened the building two months prior and we were their second wedding in the new building. The food was delicious and the party was FUN! We had a great DJ who not only brought an awesome selection of music, he brought lots of fun lights, too! And to make it even better we bought and had glow sticks handed out for people to use, specifically during our mini "rave" session of the party. We had a segment of songs played that were electronica/techno and everyone loved it! Considering it's Collin's favorite music it was important we had that! There was a wide variety of genres and songs played though and it was a blast! We did the bouquet and garter tosses only in leiu of a garter Collin threw an "O" Ball! The guys loved it!

Our guestbook was an album of our engagment photos that we have as a keepsake with everyone's signatures and well wishes in it!
Our tables were named after various things that Collin and I love.  We put a quote of sorts on each one (along with the name) and a picture of the two of us from our dating relationship.  My favorite was the "Cat" table.  The quote was "You can't have just one."  =) 
We entered the reception to The Birds and the Bees by Patrick and Eugene
My mom and dad entering the reception!
Collin's mom and dad entering the reception!
Rachel - my oldest friend and Justin - close friend of Collin's
Amy - best friend from college and Tim - my sister's then fiance, now husband
Kaity - my sister and Alan - Collin's best friend
Peter, Alexis and Kirsten
Matron of Honor - Tiff - my best friend and Best Man - Chris - Collin's best friend
"Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Collin Pastorius!"
My dad's toast before dinner
Best Man's toast
Matron of Honor's toast
Blessing before dinner
Our first dance was Every Other Way by BT
The Father-Daughter Dance was to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
The Mother-Son dance was to Only You Could Love Me This Way by Keith Urban
We cut the cake to Still Alive from the video game Portal.
The bouquet toss was to Wannabe by the Spice Girls
Collin's sister caught the bouquet!
I was laughing so hard because I knew that he wasn't going for a garter but only us, the DJ and my parents knew!  To everyone else it was a surprise when he pulled the ball out.  =)
I love this "In Action" shot.  The groom's toss was done to Sirius by Alan Parson's Project
All ready to leave for our honeymoon!
We had an awesome glow stick exit!
And then we get to the car and realize we can't leave yet... =)

We had so much fun at our reception that we didn't want it to end! We just wanted to keep on dancing! Though once we did leave we very excited to go on our honeymoon!


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  1. Can I just tell you that I LOVE the colors you chose? They're so fun and bright! =)

    And you look gorgeous in your dress, Cindy! Absolutely beautiful.


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