Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Over the Weekend

Hello blog friends! Can I just say that Mondays are hard? I hate going back to work on Monday after having a good weekend. It was cool because my weekend was full of relaxing like I wanted but it was GOOD. I got to spend time with Collin, I attended my first Stampin' Up workshop, and we finished watching The Office season 7 on Hulu+ and began watching Modern Family season 2. I've seen it but Collin has not and it's SO funny it's wonderful to watch again. Though I must admit, I think my favorite part of the weekend was Sunday afternoon when we sat out on the back porch for about an hour or so talking and watching/listening to the storm. It was so relaxing and so special to have that time together. Anyway, all that to say, yesterday was hard. It was really hard to come back to work. However, there were a few good things keeping my spirits up and getting me through the day.
My pretty blue toenails made me feel a little bit daring and excited because I don't normally wear blue polish.

My bright, yellow dress kept me happy and "sunny".

My Best Friend, aka My iPod, kept me company - most specifically my music and ANGRY BIRDS. I am obsessed.

The beautiful sunflowers we have growing kept me excited to get home to see their beauty.

Knowing I'd get to go home and play/snuggle with this cutie.

And last but certainly not least knowing I would get to spend some time with this handsome man snuggling on the couch.

So, Monday wasn't so bad after all. I had lots to keep me going! Now here's to getting through the rest of the week and enjoying another fun weekend!



  1. Eeep! What a perfect weekend! I love sitting outside watching a storm...so peaceful in a way. :)

    Your blue toes rock and so does that awesome dress!! Is that a new version of Angry Birds? I don't recognize that level!!


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