Friday, August 26, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Helloooo Friday! Hurray! It's Fill in the Blank Friday day! If you'd like to play along or see other's blanks visit Fill in the Blank Friday with Lauren at the little things we do...! Onto the blanks!
1. One of life's most simple pleasures is watching flowers grow and bloom.
2. Seeing a cop breaking the driving laws (s)he is supposed to be inforcing makes me want to punch someone.
3. I like planning parties because, the process is fun and the end result is something special that people enjoy!
4. Manila is a funny word.
5. If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be mascara. I really don't use many beauty products and I'm not completely loyal to a brand.
6. I'm happy that I get to bake and cook this weekend!
7. I would never do anything intentionally to hurt another person.

Today's Live Every Moment photo challenge is bokeh! I know I posted this picture on my post on Tuesday but it was just too perfect not to enter into this contest. =)

So, this weekend should be interesting... Hurricane Irene is on it's way full force towards us. They evacuated Ocean City and we're only about 70 miles from there as the crow flies... We're definitely gonna get hammered. But, it's alright. It's not like living in Southern Maryland I've never experienced a bad hurricane before. And we're prepared. We've got lots of supplies and a generator in case power does go out. My only concern is that Collin is scheduled to work tomorrow and though I highly doubt anyone will be getting their oil changed or having things done to their tires in a hurricane, he still has to go in. I pray he makes it home safely. I've told him if it gets bad he has to just tell them he's going home.

It's definitely been an interesting week here in terms of natural disasters. Tuesday we had the 5.8 earthquake that originated in Mineral, VA which I'm sure you've all heard about by now. And that was a freaky experience. I had never been in an earthquake before and never thought I would living in MD, but oh well. I wasn't scared it was just really freaky. And then yesterday evening we had a HORRIBLE thunderstorm and a tornado warning. I'm not sure if a tornado ever touched down, but still... and now we've got this hurricane. Welp, that's just how it is. I figure, get them all done with at once and we won't have any more for a while. ; )

Anyway, just pray for safety for all those in the path of the hurricane! It's sure to be a doozy. If you're on the East Coast, stay safe and try to have a good weekend!



  1. What a lovely color of sunflower. I hope the huricane has lost alot of it's velocity by the time it reaches you.

  2. Gorgeous sunflower and wonderful bokeh! stay safe!!

  3. I LOVED this blog! You two look so cute together :)

    And hey.. planning parties really is cool, isn't it?

    Maybe you could come visit me too one of these days.. Have a nice day!



  4. Praying for the East Coast and LOVING that flower picture!

  5. Gorgeous flower! Hope you're keeping safe. Love your yellow dress in the post below, I can imagine it would keep you cheery, wish I could wear yellow!

  6. Beautiful Bokeh, love sunflowers!


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