Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fame For All the Wrong Reasons

Our little Seabass is famous!

While hanging out with our friend Megan one day I noticed a piece of paper with some interesting stats about her Greyhound sitting on the counter. When I asked her about it she told me about a site called Dog Shaming. It sounded pretty funny so I checked it out. Then she also told me there was a site for Cat Shaming. Basically the premise is to "shame" your pets when they've done something naughty. Well, since bringing Seabass to live with us he's been very naughty. But I suppose that comes with the territory of having a kitten... Anyway, we can tolerate most stuff but getting on the kitchen counter is not something we're just gonna shrug off. No way, no how. So, to try to deter him from getting on the counter, we've been putting strips of tape down so he'll get it stuck to him and learn his lesson. It's finally working (mostly) and he's getting on the counter less and less, that we can tell. Or if he is getting on the counter he's avoiding the tape but we've made that pretty impossible. Anyway, one day last week we came home and Seabass was frantically trying to get a piece of tape off his face. So, instead of removing it right away we decided he needed to be shamed... His photo went live on the Cat Shaming Tumblr this weekend! I'm so proud...


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