Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update

This past weekend was really good! I took a total of two pictures. haha! But we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My weekend started Friday because it was my CWS day. So Friday I did some stuff around the house and then had a dentist appointment. Blah... But I don't have any cavities so that's great! Friday evening Collin and I went to Agape Club at church which is a ministry for people with disabilities. Several months ago the couple that runs the ministry had asked if Collin and I would help with their music time so we've been going ever since! Afterwards we went and got some frozen yogurt which was a surprise to me! It was a good surprise, too! I love when my husband surprises me. It makes me feel very special and so loved!

Saturday I met my mom at Kohl's for some girl shopping time. We had a great time and both made out really well! I bought two pairs of pants and a really cute cardigan that was on clearance. I wore one of the pairs of pants yesterday and I totally should have taken a picture of my outfit because it was great! Collin got off work a little early on Saturday so that was spectacular! After we had lunch we ran errands and picked up the apartment a bit before Jeff and Jeannie came over for dinner. We had a really nice evening with them! Jeff and Collin even got to podcast together! I hope that it becomes a regular thing for the two of them because they did a great job! You can check out the latest episode here!

Sunday we had a great church service. Our regular drummer was away for the weekend so our substitute drummer played and I love it when Little Mike plays! (he's Little Mike because our regular drummer is also Mike and Little Mike is 16 and the other Mike is not. =P) Big Mike is a great drummer, there's no doubt about that and we are so blessed to have him but Little Mike just adds a certain flair to our songs. It's always so fun to have him! Plus, our pastor's sermon yesterday was wonderful! He talked about ways to stay in love with God and with others and one thing he said really stuck out to me. He said that something crucial for being in love is to touch. And that is so true. Touching your significant other really is important to your love. But how do we touch God? Our pastor said that Communion is a way in which we can touch God. How neat is that?? After church we had lunch with our friend Megan and then later that afternoon we met her again at Rita's for some end of the summer Italian Ice since yesterday was their last day for the season! It was SO delicious. I had pumpkin pie ice with chocolate/vanilla twist custard. So, so good. I wish I had of discovered that earlier this month and gotten it more than just the once because it was fantastic! Then we went back to Megan's apartment after our treat and played a game called Moods which was really quite funny! So that was our good weekend!

They're getting along!!!
I was so surprised to see this! They may not be getting along too well but at least Stank is allowing Seabass to get close to him!

Such a funny video of Seabass from Friday afternoon!!
Best treat to end summer/begin fall. Pumpkin pie Italian Ice with twist custard!
My delicious gelati!

 then, she {snapped}

How was your weekend? I hope it was as splendid as mine! Did you get to do anything fun and exciting? I'd love to hear about it!! Send me an e-mail or leave a comment below! Happy Monday friends!


  1. oooo my goodness that looks so yummy!!

    happy monday!

  2. now I just want ice cream :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Hooray for a happy weekend, time with mom, and surprise sweet treats!! :D Cute picture of the kitties, Cindy! :D I'm such a game lover, but I have never heard of the game Moods!


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