Thursday, September 20, 2012

There's Beauty Everywhere!

Today I'm going to share the last of my photos from our trip to Front Royal. On Saturday afternoon after we were done in Luray Caverns, Collin and I decided to trek up to Stephen's City to play some frisbee golf at a park we found. We only played 6 holes because the gnats were HORRIBLE! But anyway, where we parked the car there was a little memorial type area with lots of flowers including some gorgeous sunflowers! I just had to take some pictures of the beautiful blooming sunflowers!
They were actually pretty tall. I made Collin (who's 6'2") stand next to them for comparison!
DSC_1033 copy
This one is for sure my favorite!

I love that no matter where you go there is always beauty somewhere! It's so neat to be able to find it and capture the beauty with my camera. =)


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  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I'm inspired to try to grow some now.


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