Monday, September 24, 2012

It's the Place to Be

This past weekend was our annual county fair and it was a great fair weekend! The weather was so nice and it was sunny all weekend (with the exception of a freak downpour Saturday evening...)! I actually went to the fair every day it was open which is unusual for me! Normally I get to go once with Collin but this year since our book club had a booth I went on Thursday to work in the booth, Collin and I had our date night on Friday there, Saturday I went in the morning for the parade and to work the booth for a short bit, and then Sunday Collin and I went back because it was officially our turn to work the booth! I had a lot of fun the whole weekend! And I think our booth was very popular! We had balloons, tattoos, cross necklaces, button pins, seashells with Bible verses, a prayer box and candy! The kids seemed to especially like us because we gave out free tattoos and balloons. Unfortunately by the time it was mine and Collin's shift we only had about 8 balloons when we started and we quickly ran out. We also ran out of necklaces! But we still gave away tons of tattoos. =)

I told you guys on Friday I submitted five photos to the fair for judging and viewing and I actually won two ribbons! I won a second place and a third place ribbon on two of my photos! I was so shocked and yet so excited! I honestly was not thinking I'd win anything!

After our time was up working the booth Collin and I headed over to Solomon's Island and had dinner and I got some ice cream. It was so beautiful on the water and we made it there just in time for the sunset - my favorite! And we were even fortunate enough to be able to catch a band that was playing some praise music at the gazebo where we have played with our worship band before! They were pretty good, too!

Fair Weekend 2012 001
My third place photo!
Fair Weekend 2012 002
My second place photo!
Fair Weekend 2012 003
We love to look around at all the exhibits of produce, flowers, and arts. This was a GIANT pumpkin. It weighed 334lbs... Most of the others were less than 200!
Fair Weekend 2012 005
Fair Weekend 2012 006
Fair Weekend 2012 007
Fair Weekend 2012 009
My high school's marching band in the parade.
Fair Weekend 2012 011
Our county fair parade would not be complete without some tractors. Goes with the whole tractor pull event they have all weekend. =)
Fair Weekend 2012 015
I do not know why they had a Porta Potty sewage truck though...
Fair Weekend 2012 017
My friend Alexis was dancing with her dance group!
Fair Weekend 2012 020
John Deere, the big name in tractors in our area.
Fair Weekend 2012 022
The old cars!
Fair Weekend 2012 027
Working at the booth on Sunday and showing off our new tattoos!
Fair Weekend 2012 028
Fair Weekend 2012 029
Fair Weekend 2012 035
I love my sweet husband.
Fair Weekend 2012 036
This balloon was slightly deflated but still had enough helium in it that it would stay semi-suspended. Collin thought it was so cool and was playing with it literally almost the entire afternoon! I even got a video of him having fun with this balloon! haha
Fair Weekend 2012 037
He just looks so happy!
Fair Weekend 2012 038
My favorite place to be. Solomon's Boardwalk at sunset!
Fair Weekend 2012 039
Our nutritious dinner of 7-Eleven rollers...
Fair Weekend 2012 040
Fair Weekend 2012 041
Fair Weekend 2012 042
The band, Seven-17, we listened to a little bit.
Fair Weekend 2012 043
My delicious ice cream cone!

 then, she {snapped}

I would say it was quite a fantastic weekend! I love the county fair and I'm so glad that this year's fair was so fun and delightful! Plus, it was the perfect welcome weekend to autumn!

I hope you my dear friends had weekends that were as lovely as mine! Now to face the week and get ready for the month of October!


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  1. this looks like such a fun weekend! i love town fesivals! :)

    happy monday!

    xo, sarah grace


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