Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

I decided to sit down and play piano. Stank had other ideas....

Yesterday afternoon I decided to sit down and play piano. While I'm sitting on the bench getting my music together that I wanted to play, Stank decides he wants to climb into my lap and snuggle. Uh no. Not going to work. *sigh*

On that note, the past few days Stank has been unusually demanding of attention and getting up onto places he didn't use to get on (i.e. the ottoman, bathroom sink, and low bookshelf). I don't know that it's necessarily related to adding Seabass to our family, but it might be. But wouldn't he have started exhibiting weird behaviors shortly after getting a new cat? It's been over a month now. Any ideas why his behavior has suddenly changed? Any thoughts, tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated!



  1. With dogs, they go through phases. Acting out is usually one of the last phases because the first few weeks you go through the motions of having a new thing, learning the rules about the new thing, adjusting to having the new thing while living by the rules... Then you get to the rebellion part, where they try to see what they can get away with now that things have changed. You just need to be firm and consistent with them.

  2. Some animals start becoming very clingy and even over protective when their owner becomes pregnant. They often know that they're pregnant before the person does themselves. Just sayin' :)

  3. )omg...I am reading the comment by anon. before mine....could it be true!?!?!?!!? Ahh!!! )

    But anyways, I was just thinking that probably Stank is just wanting some extra attention since SeaBass is around. I bet he will be back to normal soon.


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