Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend Collin and I went camping in Front Royal, VA. We packed up the tent and all our other gear Friday afternoon and headed on our way. We had a great time just being together and exploring! I'd been to Front Royal a few times before but it was Collin's first. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We relaxed, did some shopping, ate at Cracker Barrel three times, visited Luray Caverns, frisbee golfed a little bit, saw a movie in a cute downtown theater, and just all out enjoyed being together for a WHOLE weekend! I took lots of pictures of the Caverns and the pretty Blue Ridge Mountains with my big girl camera but I have yet to go through them so today I'll share a few Instagram snapshots from our trip.

Being stuck in traffic really stinks. =/
There wasn't too much rush hour traffic in the direction we were going, however, about 30 mins from the campground we got stuck in traffic due to an accident. We were barely moving for an hour!!
Visited the amazing Luray Caverns today!
The AMAZING Luray Caverns!
Frisbee golf with my love!
Enjoying a nice frisbee golf course. I only wish the bugs weren't so bad. They were literally ALL over us and completely in our faces. I wouldn't even open my mouth to talk for fear of accidentally eating one. I just kept saying "mmhm", "uh eh" and grunting/groaning to Collin's questions and comments. lol We only played six holes because of that but it was a neat course from what we did play.
Enjoying our weekend in the mountains.
The clouds were just so beautiful over the mountains. There were LOTS of clouds!

 then, she {snapped}

I'll be back later this week with some more photos to share of the Caverns and the mountains. It was a delightful weekend and I'm so glad we got to get away. We hadn't taken a trip since our anniversary in April so it was much needed! I LOVE being able to spend alone time with Collin like that. With him working every Saturday it's really hard to have a full weekend where the two of us get to spend time with each other. I treasure these little trips. The only downside, it was quite humid and I don't do well when it's really hot/humid out. But I survived! And even though it rained a little bit it wasn't bad at all. Our tent didn't leak and we were able to enjoy ourselves despite all that!

I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend yourselves! I hope it was fun and relaxing and that you sent summer off with a bang!


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  1. Can't wait to see more photos! This sounds like the perfect little getaway!! Anything that involves good scenery, time with your love, and a few trips to Cracker Barrel is just wonderful in my book! :D So happy you had a great long weekend!!


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