Thursday, December 2, 2010

About Us

Here's a little introduction to our family. It's always nice to have some background information. ; )

Being goofy on some random farm equipment.

I love being goofy and laughing until I can't breathe yet I know when to be serious as well.  Music is my passion and I'm on the praise band at my church where I sing and play keyboard.  I love to read and bake and spend time with Collin.  I love traveling and have many places on my list of places to visit.  Fortunately I've already crossed a few off the list!   I'm not a big fan of candy but I am a chocoholic.  I'm *usually* good though and only eat a little bit after meals for dessert.

My goofy husband who doesn't actually have an afro.

Collin is even goofier than me and loves to laugh as well so we make a great pair.  Collin enjoys writing music, podcasting, and cooking.  He is a genuine movie buff and is slowly but surely educating me in movies!  He is also on the praise band at church where he plays guitar.  Collin loves video games and when he's rehearsed is a beast at DDR.  His favorite game series is Metal Gear Solid.

My big, lazy boy.

Stank is our big boy that's a real sweetheart on the inside.  His tail is strong enough he can accidentally hurt you with it though!  Stank loves cantaloupe and cat treats.  His favorite toy is his cat-nip filled carrot with the jingle balls coming in as a close second.  He enjoys laying on the back of the couch and kneading his pink dog blanket.

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