Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hello blog world!  I've been following blogs for several months now and toyed with the idea of starting my own but I'm just now getting around to it!  I have lots of ideas and things to share and I hope you will enjoy what I share!  I'll be posting stories, photos, links to things, etc etc.  This is my way of telling others what things I'm up to and what I'm enjoying at the moment.  I'm looking forward to making new blog friends so introduce yourself and tell me a bit about you.

I'm still in the editing process of the page so bare with me.  I'll post more later, I just wanted to say hi real quickly!



  1. hey cindy!
    thanks for always giving me some blog shout outs! :D

    creating a personalized blog is super easy {at least the way i did it}. i didn't do anything fancy except upload pictures on my sidebar. the only is, it's super time consuming. so, make sure you get a nice warm cup of tea and get cozy up on the couch before you start playing around with your bloggie. :)


I love to read your comments and get to know my readers better, so please comment and let's get to know each other! If you're new here introduce yourself!

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