Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A chill in the air

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December has started off quite chilly.  I'm not a fan of the really bitter cold temperatures.  I like to wear sweaters and scarves, but when it's so cold outside that wearing a sweater, scarf, my pea coat and leather gloves is not enough, it is too cold!  I'm such a wimp with cold temperatures.  I don't breathe well and I feel like I just can't do anything.  I'm hoping for a nice respite sometime soon.  We'll see though.  If it's anything like last winter it's going to be a brutal one.  We've already had a few heavy frosts.  It makes it so difficult to get to work on time when you open up the front door and your car is covered in a layer of ice.  I've gotten better about checking out the window when I come downstairs to see if I need to warm my car up beforehand though. 

Not everything about the cold is so bad though.  There are some pluses!  For instance, it's so pretty outside when there is frost covering the earth.  Everything just sparkles and it's magnificent!  Also, when it's really cold outside the sun just seems to be brighter and more brilliant and I love that!  For instance, today the sun is beautiful and so bright; it makes me quite happy!  Also, with the cold comes wrapping up in blankets and getting cozy on the couch with Collin.  I love cozy evenings on the couch together!  And for those of you who enjoy hot beverages I'm sure a plus is hot tea/coffee/hot chocolate.  So yes, the cold is not all bad, but I do not want it to last for long.  By the end of this month I'll be wishing for spring to arrive!

What are your favorite (and least favorite) things about the cold?  I'd love to hear them in the comments!


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