Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas!

In front of my Mom's tree on Christmas Eve
We had a GREAT first married Christmas together! It was such a fun day. We actually had two days of Christmas, one on Christmas with my family and one yesterday with Collin's family! It snowed on Christmas Day. This was the first white Christmas I think we've had in several years. And if my memory serves me correctly, we've only ever had 3 or so my whole life. It was pretty neat. Granted it didn't start snowing until around 4 or so and the majority of the snow fell on Sunday, but it still snowed and stuck to the ground on Christmas. It was beautiful! And Sunday was a glorious snow day!

Anyway... I just want to share some pictures with you from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I didn't take any from last night's Christmas celebration with Collin's family, though his dad got some really great shots. I may ask him for some of them. =)

Us with Collin's parents at my parent's on Christmas Eve
Opening the first present of the morning!
My first present: Mary Kay "Thinking of You" perfume
Collin with his new wallet
My cookie cutters!
My reaction to seeing a Victoria's Secret gift card.  =)
Collin's new hoodie.
Shadow investigating the presents
Stank investigating the presents
My parent's tree before we opened all the presents

Excited about the morning.

This is my dad's cat, Jake with my dad.  Jake is in LOVE with my dad.  Here he's looking at him with adoration and purring up a storm.  It was so cute.  He sat with my dad for a good majority of the morning, too!
Collin's new ukelele!
My new hat

We got lots of great gifts from both sets of parents! But the best part of the whole celebration was not the presents rather it was the time we were able to spend together with our families. We love all the time we spend with them and so it was really nice to enjoy lots of it. And Collin's brothers are visiting this week and so it was great to see and spend time with them last night!

I hope you all had as great of a Christmas celebration as we did! I hope it was spent with those you love and that you just enjoyed every minute of it!


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  1. Looks like you had a very merry Christmas! Such cute pictures...and a lovely family! :)


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