Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Day is Fun Day!

Taken by me in March 2009
We had a beautiful snow day on Sunday! It started snowing on Christmas day like I mentioned yesterday but the majority of the snow fell on Sunday. We didn't get too much accumulation, maybe 5 inches or so but it was enough to make the roads bad. Collin and I awoke early Sunday morning to venture out to Target and take advantage of their after-Christmas clearance so we could stock up on items for next year. We got some ribbon, tape, bags, tissue paper, a storage container for all the wrapping supplies and my favorites, silver chargers and stockings! I got two sets of 4 chargers for $5.00 total. I was pretty excited! We didn't have stockings this year so we bought some to have for next year. Mine is like the typical stocking, fuzzy and traditional looking only it's pink... and has pom balls hanging from the place where it hangs. I LOVE it. Collin's is black with a penguin hanging onto the opening. His is really cute, too.

After Target we had church and it looked like we were going to have a very small crowd because by this point the snow was already starting to stick to the roads and become a bit slippery. However, by the end of the service, we had around 70 people but when we started the service there were 30 or so people. Normally we have over 100!  So it was nice to have so many people join us! But we left for home in a hurry once the service was over; the roads were getting bad. And our car was already covered in snow!

The rest of the day we just spent being lazy in our comfy clothes and enjoying being stuck inside together. I even had the curtains open all day so I could watch the snow falling outside and covering the earth in a beautiful shade of white. We watched some Community (I got season one on dvd for Christmas and I really wanted Collin to watch it), we played some Wii, we took a nap, watched some more tv, played Metal Gear Solid a bit (well, Collin played, I watched), and I even got to read for a while when Collin was playing some other video games. At one point during the day we wanted to see how the cats would react to the snow outside. We tried to put them both out on the front stoop but they basically freaked out and ran back inside immediately. We're really not cruel to our kitties, I promise. They usually enjoy being out on the front stoop. Anyway, it was really, really nice just to be lazy and enjoy not going anywhere or really having anything to do. We did end up missing out on the Christmas chili cook-off with my extended family, it was cancelled due to the snow, but I'm glad we all stayed home and were safe! Though I am glad that by Monday the main roads were all clear and we were able to get out and do some stuff, especially celebrate Christmas with Collin's family!

My only regret from this snow is that I didn't get any pictures of it!  I should have just taken a moment or two to snap some shots, but oh well.  I'm sharing some pictures from a much larger snow fall we had in March 2009.  When you have a snow day what do you like to do? Do you enjoy being stuck inside watching the snow fall or does it make you antsy and you want to get out of the house?
Taken by me in March 2009

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  1. Half of the 30 seemed to be the praise team, too!


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