Thursday, December 2, 2010

"What does this mean? It's so bright and so vivid!"

As I was driving to work on Tuesday morning I was heading towards the most beautiful sunrise I'd seen in a while.   It was so breathtaking that as I stepped out of the house I saw it and opened the door back up and made Collin came out to look at it.  I was marveling at the beauty while driving and then as I turned onto the next road on my route I look to my left and am caught off guard by a HUGE rainbow (as seen above).  The WHOLE rainbow was there and this thing was humongous!  I could see every color vividly.  It was amazing.  So I continue the last 3 minutes of my 7 minute drive and arrive at the parking lot of work when I realize it's a double rainbow.
I haven't seen a rainbow with such brightness in a long time and to see two rainbows side-by-side was incredible.  These actually are not my pictures, they were taken by my coworker, Ed.  My camera was unfortunately sitting on the end table at home and my phone was dying so my camera function wouldn't open.  I was disappointed but quite grateful to Ed who took these and sent them to me.  But to be able to capture so much beauty in one morning was simply overwhelming.  I walked into the building (finally) and was just brimming over the top with joy and gratitude to God.  I came up to my office and I just sat in silence praying and thanking God for His beauty and grace.  How wonderful to start my day off like that.  I just knew that Tuesday would be a good day, and sure enough, it was!  God truly showed himself to me that morning and I couldn't have been more in awe!

On another note, I feel like a 50's housewife today.  I'm wearing a brown sweater with a pink cami peeking out underneath and I have a pink ribbon on my head acting as a headband and my hair is a bit flat today and it's flipping out all on its own.  So of course when getting dressed I just had to add a strand of pearls to complete the ensemble.  Now I just need to don my apron and get into the kitchen and bake some goodies!  Sometimes I wish I could live like the 50's housewives did (minus all the inequality).  Just stay home cooking, baking, cleaning, running errands, etc.  Actually, that's not sometimes, that's all the time.  Unfortunately I have to be responsible and work to help support our little family.  Oh well... maybe someday I can fulfill that dream!  And for now, I'll just have to be satisfied with being a housewife every alternating Friday and on the weekends.


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