Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Little Teaser

Happy Election Day, everyone! Today I'm going to give you a little teaser of photos to come from our awesome day with Collin's family the last weekend of October! I want to share these three photos today to hold you over until I can get the rest of my photos uploaded! Hopefully I'll be able to by Thursday. It's another busy week for us!

We had an awesome day with our niece and nephew. First we played in the leaves!
I love my niece and nephew! And they really seemed to enjoy playing in the leaves!
The calm yesterday before the hurricane today.
Collin's sister took this one of us. It's a little blurry but I still love it!
And to continue our family day we went to the corn maze/pumpkin patch/farm!
They had so much fun playing in the corn box. Basically it's a sandbox filled with corn kernels!

Scattered Horizons

I hope that you get out and vote today. Whoever you're voting for, get out there and do it! It's such a wonderful freedom and opportunity we have to choose the leaders of our country. Don't let that opportunity go to waste! You CAN make a difference!


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