Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Princess Party!

I mentioned yesterday that my church hosted a Princess Party for girls and their moms, aunts, grandmas, etc at our church on Sunday. This was a fun event for the girls to come dressed in their princess attire and to just spend an afternoon being reminded that we are all truly princesses because we are daughters of the King. I think it's so neat that since God is our Father and He is King of all Kings we are royalty, too!

Anyway, at the party, the girls got to walk across the stage in a pageant of sorts where they were introduced and had their pictures taken. The girls seemed to really enjoy being in a pageant and showing off their pretty princess attire! And I got to be the photographer they came to at the end of the "runway" to have their picture taken while sitting on the throne! It was so fun! And after the pageant, the girls were able to eat snacks, decorate picture frames to put their photos in, paint their nails, play games and eventually they opened up the dance floor and danced the rest of the afternoon away!

I want to share a few photos from the afternoon with you guys. I will preface however that I didn't take all these photos. Most of them I did take and but others were taken by other ladies who used my camera while I was busy doing the pageant photos.

The girls getting ready for the pageant. See me in the background with the tripod getting ready for the photos?
Waiting to decorate their picture frames.
Nail painting - they loved this!
Me, my mom, and my sister
Me and my sister
Pastor Lori came to the party but she didn't wear a dress. However, it worked out perfectly because the girls all got to make Pastor Lori into a pretty princess!
Pastor Lori and her lovely fashion design team. =)
My sister Kaity relaxing on the throne...
Dancing the afternoon away!

What a fun, fun afternoon we had! And I must say it was pretty awesome dressing up as a princess! I felt so beautiful! And it didn't hurt that after I got dressed and was getting ready to leave Collin looks at me and says "Wow... you look really beautiful!" =) The best part of the afternoon though is knowing that even without the fancy dress and the tiara, I am a princess!

I think everyone should have a Princess Party. It was so special to those girls to feel like royalty for an afternoon and to be reminded that they are. If you want to throw a Princess Party and want any ideas, don't hesitate to ask! I'd be happy to help out!


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