Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun

I'm so sad that this past weekend is over. It was quite wonderful!! We spent time with family and friends, did a little bit of shopping, and just relaxed! It was glorious!

Thursday morning we headed over to Collin's parent's house early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I helped his mom out in the kitchen a little bit and made the mashed potatoes for dinner. Our friend Megan joined us for dinner and we had a delightful time. Later that evening we went to my parents house to visit and we played Quelf. So. Much. Fun. We laughed so, so hard!

A great way to start Thanksgiving off. Relaxing in bed together before getting up.  =)
A great way to start Thanksgiving off. Relaxing in bed together before getting up.
The tree is already up at my in-laws. So pretty!
The tree was already up at my in-laws on Thanksgiving. So pretty!
Playing Quelf with my family. Soo much fun!
Playing Quelf with my family was a blast.
My parent's cat Marmalade decided that our stuff was perfect to lay on. haha!
Day 22 of #novemberthankful Today and everyday I am thankful to be able to call this man my husband. He is an amazing and godly man and he treats me like a princess. I love him dearly and God blessed me immensely with this wonderful man!
Collin and I on Thanksgiving.
My Thanksgiving outfit.

Friday I woke up early (though not as early as some!) to meet Megan and our friend Crystal at 6am for shopping. We made our first stop at JC Penney, then on to Belk. Next we got breakfast at Chick-Fil-A then we hit up Hallmark, Bath & Body Works, and Target. Next on our list of places to go was Kohl's and Dick's Sporting Goods. However, on the way to Kohl's I started feeling not so well so I bowed out and went home to rest. I'm glad I did because it made me feel better since we had an evening out in downtown Leonardtown for the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting! It was actually warm this year! The past few years we've been it's been SO cold but this year it was in the high 50's! It was a delightful evening with Collin.

Enjoying Chick-Fil-A ice dreams!
Collin and I had a basically free meal at Chick-Fil-A Friday night (yay coupons!). Afterwards we had delicious Ice Dreams.
Day 23 of #novemberthankful Today I am thankful to live in a place with a downtown that celebrates the beginning of the Christmas season with a tree lighting. I'm also thankful for the quaint area we live in and how vibrant it is!
The Leonardtown Square tree lit in all its glory!
 then, she {snapped}

Posing in front of the tree.
A model train they had running in one of the buildings filled with trees and auction items.

Saturday once Collin got home from work we headed to his parent's house because his mom was having an Open House for her Thirty One and Mary Kay businesses. We spent the afternoon there helping her out. She had a successful open house and I'm so glad! That evening we relaxed at home, had homemade buffalo chicken pizza, and played Sports Resort on the Wii! We hadn't played with the Wii in a while and it was fun!

Awesome sky this morning! #skylove
There was an awesome sky on Saturday morning while I was running errands!
Supporting my mother-in-law at her Mary Kay and Thirty One Gifts open house. Lots of goodies!
The Mary Kay room at my mother-in-laws Open House.

Sunday we had church in the morning, then we watched a movie while we ate lunch before going to our friend's, Jeff and Jeannie, apartment for the afternoon/evening. Jeannie and I made cards while the guys watched Vegas Vacation and played video games! Then they made us a delicious dinner and we had S*more Pie for dessert. Such a fun day with our friends.


And just to share something silly, I filled this MadLib out on my phone this weekend and thought it was hilarious. =)


I was using the voice recognition feature of the app and so Nose came out Knows and I realized it too late. I do know the difference, I promise!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends, too. For my American readers, I hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving holiday! May this coming week not be too long and arduous!


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