Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holly, Holly, Hollywood... Studios!

Monday of our vacation was actually Collin's birthday! Part of the big reason we decided to go to Disney World when we did was to celebrate his big 25! So, since Monday was his birthday he got to pick any park that he wanted to go to. He chose Hollywood Studios! Which of course did not surprise me one bit since my hubby is quite a movie buff! We went to the park probably around 10 that morning and wandered around for a little bit but then we headed right on over to the Indiana Jones show where we were really hoping Collin would get picked to be an extra in the show. And he DID! It was so much fun seeing him up on the stage. See if you can spot him in the pictures below. Once in costume he has on a big blue floppy turban. He didn't really do too much since he was just an "extra" but he had a lot of fun just being up there running around and pretending to be in the movie. To save on money we actually would bring our own lunches into the parks so we sat and ate lunch. While eating next to this pond there was a huge family of ducks and the babies were so friendly wanting food so we were throwing them pieces of bread, Cheetos, bbq chips, Swedish fish, lol, and pretty much anything we had in our lunch. The ducklings were LOVING it! And we really loved it, too. Hollywood Studios is really neat and I enjoyed getting to see all the movie related scenes and doing the back lot tour! We also enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast show (which made me really want to work at Disney and sing and dance in a show like that, I've always wanted to do it actually!) and rode on the Aerosmith Rock 'N' Rollercoaster. That was a pretty fun ride except for the fact that it made me feel really dizzy when we got off. I'd say we definitely had a fun time at Hollywood Studios. It was REALLY hot though and I will admit, I was a little uncomfortable/miserable. I don't handle it well when it's really hot out. But we had fun and that's all that matters! Now onto the pictures! Yet again, there's a lot of them!

So there you have Day 2 of our wonderful Disney adventure! Have you ever been to Hollywood Studios? What was your favorite part? I'd love to go back and explore some more when it's not quite so hot!


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  1. You got to see Beauty and the Beast??? I'm so jealous!


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